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Since we are doing our best to preserve the traditional production of glass beaded Christmas ornaments, we have prepared a special product for schools – large hobby sets for the production of Christmas stars. We have reduced the price of these hobby sets to the absolute minimum possible because we find it important that children learn that this production is still there and how complicated it is. They can at best convince themselves of the complexity in trying to make a star on their own.

The hobby set for schools also includes a CD with a presentation of the production. To see the production at first hand on the tour in our facilities in Poniklá is of course the best, but not all schools can do it. The CD shows the whole production process from glass blowing to the readymade ornament.

Every set includes:

  • All the material for the production of 50 stars including several “spare parts”
  • One readymade star as an example
  • Instructions on a sheet which can be copied
  • Instructions on a transparency to be projected
  • Methodological instructions – practical comments
  • Multimedia CD with a presentation of the production

The hobby set does not contain scissors.

The catalogue of hobby sets for schools can be downloaded here. Concrete instructions for ordering are included as well. This offer is exclusively for schools, school facilities, and similar institutions.


We will be happy to welcome school classes to the tour in our firm and of course to our creative workshop.

More detailed information on tours can be found here.

More detailed information on our creative workshop can be found here.

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