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The production of glass beads in Poniklá and its vicinity has a very long tradition. The production of glass beads started in mid 19th century and was intended for bijouterie. The first firm to produce hollow glass beads and later also Christmas ornaments using glass beads was established in Poniklá in 1902 by commission merchant Horna. Our firm occupies its original facilities till today.

Reklama Horna

The ornaments boomed in 1920s and 1930s. This industry was also hit by the economic crisis before World War II. This period is described in the article by F. Černý from 1937.

After 1948 Horn´s firm was nationalized. According to the take-over protocol, glass beads themselves generated 80 per cent of production and Christmas ornaments only 20 per cent.

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From 1948 to 1989 glass beads and ornaments were produced by state-owned enterprises – Skleněná bižuterie and Železnobrodské sklo. At this time the ornament style changed markedly with ornaments consisting only of a blown glass head. The rest was usually made of foil or plastic.

After 1989 the state-owned enterprises were privatized and individual plants separated, one of them being Astir, a firm which produced glass beaded ornaments as well as strass bandings, metal parts or chandeliers. Gradually, Rautis firm separated and concentrated only on hollow glass beads and ornaments.

Currently, Rautis has 20 employees + seasonal workers. We have 6 blowers, 2 assemblers, and 2 cutters. Other 10 people work in the facility in Poniklá.

Until recently readymade Christmas ornaments made up 100 per cent of our assortment. With the introduction of hobby sets and glass beads as material for own creative pursuits, the ratio of ornaments to glass beads has changed to 80 to 20 per cent, which is the direct opposite of the early 20th century.

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